Cell Type – Oocyte (Egg) Cell of Xenopus Laevis

This is my life…. I am an Oocyte (EGG) Cell!



          In research and development, the oocytes and embryos of Xenopus Laevis are widely used as model systems as their handling and manipulation is easily achieved. Oocytes are tetraploid cells (having four sets of chromosomes) located within the ovarian lobe of adult female frogs and are surrounded by a layer of follicle cells. The large nucleus within the oocyte is called a germinal vesicle and contains genetic information and mitochondrial DNA.

            It is the largest single cell in the body (filling up the ovarian volume) and has many similar structures to that of a somatic cell. Oocytes have two poles, the animal pole and the vegital pole. There are permeable to small molecues but when fertiliztion does not occur, they convert to impermeable molecules. 

         The oocyte is an active site for mRNA and protein snythesis as they provide an important expression system used extensively in molecular biology. They play a massive role in reproduction of the Xenopus Laevis species, together with the sperm of their male counterparts. Their fate, upon fertilization is to grow and develop into a full functioning  organism, therefore providing a continuation of their respective species. 




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One thought on “Cell Type – Oocyte (Egg) Cell of Xenopus Laevis

  1. Look out I am about to Hit you!! With my cell. ( For educational purposes I cannot put the name of my cell in that first sentence).

    Dear Rhonda, the oocyte.
    I am Brandon, the sperm cell and I am trying to attempt to communicate to you. You may be wondering but how the in the world is this possible when you’re in a different body compared to mines. Well, to be honest we can only communicate once we’re in the same body, so yes I am very close by, I hope!! This can only occur due to sexual interactions between the body I am in and the body you are in. However, in some cases, if we belong to the same body, which in this case our parent is a hermaphrodite.

    Before I meet you, ( prior to fertilization), I release a hormone, known as mass sperm proteins, or MSP. These proteins bind to receptors on your other membrane, which is exactly like a ligand binding to a receptor. This process is known as long distance communication, Endocrine signalling.

    MSP is used by the sperm to stimulate the ovary to undergo oocyte maturation and contraction of the ovarian sheath. This prepares the oocyte and releases it for fertilization to take place.

    Michael A. Miller, Sung Ming han, and Pauline A. Cottee. ” Sperm and Oocyte communication mechanisms controlling Fertility. Accessed on November 23rd, 2013 .http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2963114/

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